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Teaching Leadership in Uganda

In the midst of a war torn nation, children at the Christian Life Ministries Seeta orphanage are learning about the love of God, and learning how to be the leaders God designed them to be!

Many of these Ugandan children have been former child soldiers. While the orphanage is investing in them through food and clothes, shelter and schooling, they need something more — they need character training to develop them into leaders. As the country’s economy slows and HIV rates rise, the need for future leaders is great. According to UNICEF statistics, the percentage of children who attend primary school drops from an average of 82% of the population to 17% attendance in secondary school. Christian Life Ministries (CLM) wants to change that statistic.

Earlier this summer, CLM contacted us at Fellowship Church about the E Leadership Program and how they could use it in Uganda. We sent several lessons with them — Bible lessons on perseverance and encouragement – for the students to watch and experience during their chapel.

Over 800 students heard the stories and all of them received an award poster to keep track of the lessons they learned. This is just the first step of many to invest in the lives of these children. We hope that by partnering with CLM we will help these future leaders rise up and make a difference in their village, in their country, and in their world!

Students experienced the Bible Lessons during chapel.

The teachers worked with them to go through the study questions and cut out the Leadership Badges.

They gave the children their award posters. Several put them up in their homes so their ‘house mom’ could remind them of the lessons and help them continue to be leaders!


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