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Q&A: “How many games should you plan for one children’s service?”

To answer the question “How many games should you plan for one children’s service?” we have to go back to why we use games in the first place. We believe that children learn while having fun, which is why we revolve all our games around the lesson or theme to engage the children’s attention for each lesson. The number of games we use in FC Kids at Fellowship Church varies from 3-6, and some weekends a lot more. This is also why we write 5-6 different activities per lesson in Elevate Children’s Curriculum. These include Small Group application activities, Opening Activities, and Review Activities. We usually start off with an opening game to help all of the kids become involved. We do this because children can be dropped off in our FC Kids ministry up to 15 minutes before service actually starts. Then there are games that help illustrate the lesson, like “Forgiveness Freeze Tag,” “Courage Shield,” “Thank God And Share,” or “Worship Cube” to name a few. How many of these we pick depends on the time we have available to play games. Are we having an extra long service? Even if you are not sure how long service will go, it is always best to prepare a few extra application activities and games just in case! We also like to play Minute to Win It games or other games like I Spy during the review time of the lesson.

So the short answer to the question “How many games should you plan for one children’s service?” is, “However many games you need to fill the time and teach the children that week’s lesson.”


This was one of many questions Pastor Mike did not get a chance to answer during his C3 Conference Q&A session. Stay tuned for more!

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I Serve: Recruiting New Volunteers!

As a leader of a children’s ministry, one thing you need to be comfortable with is the fact that you will always be recruiting new volunteers. If you’ve been in children’s ministry long enough you realize that volunteers come, and volunteers go. No matter what you do, the back door to volunteering will always be open because people enter into different seasons in life, people move away, or life circumstances simply cause your volunteers to step away for a while. Knowing this, it is imperative that you always keep your front door open. In other words, if you’re not constantly bringing in new volunteers, your ministry will suffer. You need to make sure that as one person goes, you have another person coming in.

To help us do this, we promote volunteerism here at Fellowship Church every weekend. One of the ways we do this is through promotional campaigns. Our latest volunteer campaign is called “I Serve FC Kids”. In this campaign we used flyers, posters, and standup cutouts to keep in the forefront of everyone’s mind that the programming in FC Kids only happens because of volunteers, and that those volunteers are people just like them.

Our goal is that, when people walk into Fellowship Church, they understand that we value volunteering as a major tenet of our church. Therefore, when the ask is made of them to volunteer, it doesn’t catch them by surprise. We want them to think, “Volunteering is important here, so I’m sure someone will be asking me to volunteer soon.” And believe me, we will.

Scroll through the pictures above to see some of the ways we promoted this campaign.

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Does Your Child Dance To Music Videos?

One of the greatest things about Elevate’s Radio E music videos is getting to see your child sing and dance along. I enjoy watching my two girls dance along to the music videos while simultaneously learning leadership principles. They learn leadership principles such as being “All In” for God, or saying “I’m Sorry” to those who wrong them while having fun singing and dancing along to music videos!

All Radio E music videos can be viewed on for your children to sing and dance to at home, in the car, and everywhere you go! When you sign up for, you will have access to over 50 unique music videos that will help your child learn valuable leadership traits and enjoy singing and dancing!

Through, you can access the Elevate Music Videos your child gets to watch and participate in every weekend, at home! Some of my favorite Radio E music videos are “Big, Big Love”, “Hosanna”, “John 3:16”, and “<a title="God Is Bigger Music Video" href="https://www This” target=”_blank”>God Is Bigger”.

“It’s so easy to access the song videos on! My kids will watch all of them if I let them!” – Holly Bennett

“My daughter Landon loves to go to to sing and dance with the music videos at home. She likes to be able to show her mom and sisters all the fun songs at home that she gets to sing on the weekends at church.” – Jordan Day

“Can we watch that video again?!” – Lynley (age 5)

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Speak the Truth

Elijah and the Prophets of Baal

Elijah vs Prophets of Baal (1 Kings 17-18)

“The godly offer good counsel; they teach right from wrong.” Psalm 37:30 (NLT)

Other than cats, probably the most popular videos on the internet are fail videos. These are usually humorous, sometimes scary videos where someone is usually trying to do something either dangerous, stupid, or both, and it often goes predictably and horribly wrong. As we watch the video, many times we see and realize what is about to happen and we either laugh or cringe, knowing that there is nothing we can do to change the outcome. But in real life, instead of watching a fail happen and being glad it wasn’t us, we need to realize that we have the chance to step in and stop it from happening.

As Christians we understand that God’s Word gives us guidelines that will help us avoid many things in life that will cause us to fail. We also understand that we have an opportunity to share those guidelines with others. But unfortunately, many times we don’t speak up and warn our friends when we see them about to fail. Then, sometimes slowly and sometimes quickly, we watch their lives fall apart.

It is increasingly difficult to stand up for the truth that is in God’s Word without being called a radical, a bigot, or troublemaker. It happened to Elijah and it most certainly will happen to us. In today’s story, the king was angry with Elijah for being a messenger of God’s word. Ahab called Elijah a troublemaker. But Elijah didn’t back down. He continued to speak the truth even though many of the people didn’t listen. It’s not our job to convince people, but it is our responsibility to speak out. Leave the convincing to God’s Holy Spirit. Just speak the truth simply and lovingly and challenge people to try it God’s way. When you do, you might just save a friend from a life-changing fail.

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They're not "JUST kids", they're future leaders

Recently, I had the opportunity to present a message at Fellowship Church entitled They’re Not “Just Kids”. In it I presented the fact that our children are our nation’s and world’s future leaders, and the qualities and values we invest in them now will determine their success in life, and the success of our future.

This message is one that EVERY PERSON who has a child in their life needs to hear! For those of you who work with children within a ministry, or for a living, I hope this encourages you and reminds you again of the importance of what you do. For everyone else, I promise you, it will forever change how you look at children!

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Growing by Leaps and Bounds!


Here at Fellowship Church, we are in the midst of an historic expansion as we launch seven new campuses around the world. This expansion will provide an exciting opportunity for some top leaders to get plugged into the life of the FCKids team.

Along with being a top level ministry, we are also on the leading edge of children’s programming with the production of Elevate, our creative children’s curriculum for church and home.

If you are a veteran Children’s Leader, or you want to break into kids ministry at a high level, this opportunity could be just what you are looking for!

Send your resume to:

As are all items of such manner, your application will be treated as confidential.

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Imagination Theater (Preschool Renovation Part 3)

More changes in our preschool ministry!  This time, the renovation took place in the south lobby of the Fellowship Church, Grapevine Campus. A small wooden stage and blank walls were pulled back and ripped out to transform it into Wonder & Palette’s Imagination Theater!

Imagination Theatre, the fifteen minute skit portion of our children’s worship experience, has been a part of Fellowship Church for about 10 years. While we have used Imagination Theater different times over the years, the format of our Elevate Jr. curriculum has once again helped it become an important teaching tool for our 3, 4 & 5 year olds

Using an adapted portion of the Elevate Jr. Large Group Script (which you can find in the latest Elevate Jr. series, starting with Elevate Peak 4) a teacher and puppet bring the Bible Story to life and the kids get to worship together as a large group. Each group of kids rotates in and out of the classroom to travel down to Imagination Theater. The children are greeted by a fun song, written by our children’s pastor Ryan McMackin, and by a lead volunteer as the teacher. Once all the kids are seated ‘criss-cross applesauce’, the teacher goes over the rules.
Rule #1: No talking while the teacher or puppet are talking
Rule #2: Stay seated
Rule #3: No poking your friend or neighbor (otherwise known as “no touchy-touchy”)
Rule #4: Have FUN!
The kids love to shout the rules, and it helps any new children know what to expect.

Once that part is finished, one of the many Elevate puppets are introduced. Here are a few of them:

Fernando                         Fezzik                              Pixie

These fun polyester-cotton blend friends help sing the song, say the Main Point and teach the Bible lesson to the children. It usually begins with the puppet NOT understanding the lesson, and then coming to the realization of what God wants them to do right after they hear the Bible Story.
From here, the kids get to go back to their classrooms and continue learning more about the lesson for the day. It is important to note that with Imagination Theater each child will have heard the Bible Story twice. For preschoolers, repetition is important.

The new set design of Wonder & Palette’s Imagination Theater helps keep the children’s attention even more focused with the bright colors and fun decor. The volunteers enjoy having a “door” to come out of, and the puppeteers enjoy having an extra ‘window’ to pop in and out. In all, the remodel was a success. Now if only we can keep Fezzik from eating the fake flowers every weekend…

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Small Tweaks Take You to Giant Peaks

Guest post by Ryan McMackin, FCKids children’s worship pastor

“Enhanced” is a trendy word these days. Seemingly everything in our culture has been enhanced in some way; tweaked so it’s bigger, better, faster, stronger, etc. Our bottled water is enhanced with electrolytes to aid in hydration. Our phones are enhanced with smart technology so we can play Angry Birds anywhere. Our TVs are enhanced with HD channels so we can see the individual blades of grass on the football field.

Now, we can argue the merits of some of these “enhancements,” but their existence and popularity prove that human beings are always looking for their life, and everything in it, to go to a higher level.

In FCKids, we are always looking for ways to enhance our worship services, and we will try anything if we think it will help kids learn about God. We do big events like Adventure Week (think Vacation Bible School on steroids), lock-ins at Legoland, and kids camp at Allaso Ranch. While those things are great, I think little enhancements make a huge impact in our ministry. Often overlooked in the light of big events, the value of these little tweaks is tremendous because they don’t require thousands of dollars, thousands of volunteers, or thousands of man-hours to put together.

In the last year, I’ve seen two of these little enhancements make a big difference in our kids’ church experience. The first is a bubble machine. We added two bubble machines in the atrium of our children’s building, strategically placed to where almost every kid who comes to church has to walk by them. We turn them on fifteen minutes before service and fifteen minutes after service, and the kids go nuts. Every weekend, I see kids playing in the giant mass of bubbles created by these machines, completely oblivious to anything else around them. The kids’ favorite thing in our atrium is not the giant purple mountain made of foam or any of the other amazingly cool visuals we have; it’s the $70.00 bubble machines.

The second enhancement came during our Easter series called Good News. One of the music videos, a song called “Hosanna,” features a group of high school students with glow sticks, waving them back and forth to the beat of the song. This gave our staff an idea: What if we got glow sticks for the kids, and passed them out during the song? So, we bought battery powered glow sticks (much cheaper than buying real glow sticks every weekend), and for the eight weeks of Good News, we passed them out in each service to each kid. When the chorus of “Hosanna” would start with, “Hey, hands in the air with a wave, lifted to the One who can save…” we would turn the lights off and all the kids would wave the glow sticks back and forth. They loved it. And by the way, so did our volunteers. It was a very cool sight.

Now, neither of these enhancements are flashy. And by themselves, neither will change a kid’s life. Certainly not like Adventure Week or kids camp can. But they do create excitement, and excitement brings kids back to church. As our pastor, Ed Young, says, “Small tweaks take you to giant peaks.” It’s often the little enhancements that make the biggest difference.

At night, you can sometimes find me drinking bottled water and playing Angry Birds while ESPN HD is airing commercials. Have these things changed my life? No. But they’ve definitely enhanced it.

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Watch Adventure Week on!

Adventure Islands

Ever wondered how Fellowship Church does VBS? Check out this year’s Adventure Week online at at 8:15pm every night this week!

One of our biggest FCKids outreach events at Fellowship Church is our annual Adventure Week! Five nights of activities, Bible lessons, games, snacks, crafts and a theatrical performance. This year’s production is called Adventure Islands. You’ll meet Jack and Jackie, the main characters who have to choose to do what is right, as well as Dip and Dot, who tend to follow the notorious pirate, Blacktooth’s, bad example. Each night this week we will teach the kids leadership lessons on Kindness, Generosity, Forgiveness, Service and Following God!

Go to at 8:15pm and watch the performance on Adventure Islands!

Parents – your kids can earn the Adventure Islands leadership badge on!