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Curriculum Essentials – Teaching the Bible

“In the beginning the Word already existed. The Word was with God, and the Word was God.” John 1:1

The Bible, to me, is an inspirational book. The Bible is where I learn about God and how He wants me to live. The Bible is a place where I hear life-changing messages directly from God. The Bible is…holy. It is set apart. There is no other book like it and no other book can have an impact on this world like the Bible can. So when I teach the Bible, I want to reflect that. I want my audience to be inspired and awed at what God did in the Bible, and hopefully by what He can do in their own lives. When teaching the Bible I like to use musical underscoring, because music can set a mood like nothing else. I like to use visuals, because my learners respond to them better than just looking at a speaker. I like to teach the Bible in such a way that the learner gets swept up in the story. In fact, when I teach the Bible, I like to get swept up in the story, so that the audience can get a glimpse of what I feel.

That’s how I like to teach the Bible. It may just be me, but I’m not one for off beat Bible story presentations. The kind with a goofy wig and bad bathrobe. To me, that makes the Bible seem silly. Now hear me please, I think comedy has its place in children’s church; it can be used for many fun activities that kids will enjoy, making them want to come back for more. But when it comes to teaching the stories of the Bible, the goal should be to inspire, to allow the Word’s penetrating message to do the work. Then, when God’s message settles into the heart, we must
help the child see how to use that message to make a difference in their world. When we impart God’s Word into the hearts of our kids, it will not come back void.

The Bible is God’s word. Listen to it, obey it and most of all respect it. After all, the Bible is…holy.

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    Kathryn Macdowall
    December 3, 2009 at 2:30 pm

    Great post!! I agree on all points. The Bible is God breathed, and getting kids into the word and knowing the word is far more important than our dress ups and catch phrases that rhyme!

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