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Blocking For The Team

When you’re on a team, everyone needs to work together to reach the goal. If a play is called and you’re the one carrying the ball, then everyone else on your team needs to block for you. They need to be looking out for you, seeing things you may not see, clearing pathways so that you can score.

As a staff member or a volunteer, always work for the good of the team. That’s how the team gets the ball across the goal line. If no one blocks for the guy or gal carrying the ball, more than likely he or she is going to get hit and possibly fumble. When the fumble happens everyone scrambles and the whole team usually ends up going backwards. Then, if they are lucky enough to recover the ball, the team now has to regain the yards they once had. Everyone suffers. But if great protection is given to the one carrying the ball, if paths are opened through great blocking, the ball advances and the team advances with it.

In ministry, as in any area of life, you aren’t always going to be the one “carrying the ball.” You won’t always be in charge or be in the spotlight. But just because you’re not carrying the ball, that doesn’t mean you don’t have a job to do. Put your pads on and get out into the thick of the battle. You are part of a team and as a team everyone needs to work together. Remember, when one person crosses the goal line with the ball, the whole team scores.

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