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Do You Hear What I Hear?

Details matter. It’s true. We typically don’t think about the impact of details until we forget one. But details are huge in the experience of a person. Take music for example. The right music can make or break an experience. That’s why I use music in my talks, in the children’s areas, in the skits we perform, almost anything we do in FC Kids has a musical element.

We aren’t the first people to realize the impact that sound can have on others. I first experienced the impact of being immersed in sound at Disneyland. I recently came across a blog about the focus Disney has on audio in their parks. You can check that out here.

“When the speakers fail, it feels like the life is sucked out of the place.” Mr. Q

Disney has spent untold sums of money to help their park patrons feel euphoric while at their parks. Their goal is to make you feel good during the time you spend there. Shouldn’t this be a goal for the church as well? We want people to feel good about their experience at church because the church is where life change begins. It’s where families become stronger, people become better, and kids learn to be adults who follow God their whole lives. Music can play a part in this. So, look at sound and music in your children’s areas, it’s a small detail that will yield big results.

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