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What does your office say about you? – Smell



Tip # 5Smell. Get some air fresheners…please!

Let’s face it. Children’s areas are not known for the best aromas in the world. We have a “stinkma” that really needs breaking! Start in
your office.

When people walk through your door they should think “Ahhhh…Hawaiian breeze” not “Ewww…is there something dead under your desk?”

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    November 14, 2014 at 12:18 am

    Sorry to disagree…a bit. I do agree that smell can be an unpleasant distraction. BUT I disagree about getting some air fresheners. I know MANY people who have allergies to air fresheners. Many have MCS issues (multiple chemical sensitivities) and get very sick around them. Please take that into mind when dealing with scents.

    An option would be to open the windows occasionally, if possible. Another option is to use naturally nice smelling things, like cinnamon and citrus fruits.

    Hope that helps give another perspective to the issue.
    Be blessed!

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