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FC Kids Up All Night – Lock-in

Have you ever spent the night with twenty 3rd-5th graders? How about 100? How about 430?

It doesn’t really matter how many kids you have because this is how it usually shakes out, see if any of it rings a bell…

Random Ramblings from a “Lock In”
7:00 PM Yeah! This is gonna be fun…stay
up all night and play play play!
7:15 PM “Hey! Put that
down! Would you do that at home?”
7:16 PM Whoaa…this is
gonna be a long night!
8:00 PM I like most of
these kids.
9:00 PM Well…maybe
some of these kids.
10:00 PM Is there a
correlation between going past bed times and craziness?
11:00 PM How come my kids
got energy drinks and I didn’t?
12:00 AM My vision is a
little blurry, how concerned should I be?
1:00 AM Where did that
wall I just hit come from? Must be my blurry vision.
2:00 AM Praise God!
There is such a thing as a second wind!
2:30 AM Hey! That’s a
golf club…not a sword…and why do you have three of them?
3:00 AM Feeling a bit
strange…odd mixture of energy and nausea.
4:00 AM OK, now it’s
just nausea…
4:30 AM Whoa…think I
nodded off for a second there…hey, how did I get in this go cart?
5:00 AM My head hurts,
am I responsible for these kids all night, or can I go lay down in the
6:00 AM Who’s the
knucklehead who set the pick up time for 9:00? I’m ready NOW!
7:00 AM I guess I’m not
the only one feeling nauseous… who’s gonna clean that up?
8:00 AM Donut’s and
apple juice – Ordinarily…no touchy! 8:00 am– BRING IT ON!
8:59:59 AM Where are all
the parents? Why are they NOT HERE yet?!!
10:30 AM Ring, Ring…
“Hi Joe, this is your son Billy’s Lock-In leader. Do you plan on coming
to get him anytime soon?”
11:00 AM I’m going to go
home and go to bed for a month… or at least until 4:00 pm so I can come
backfor the 6:00 Saturday night service.
12:00 PM zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
1:00 PM zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
2:00 PM zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
2:59 PM Bed head and
puffy eyes – I look like I’m 90…
4:00 PM Hot shower and
strong coffee.
5:00 PM Who’s up for
6:00 PM I’m actually
glad to see these kids again! Weird huh?
10:00 PM Why can’t I

Anyone have a lock-in experience they wish to share?

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    May 26, 2010 at 2:59 pm

    A couple of times a year we have a lock in with 2nd-5th graders at a local pizza chain’s entertainment center. Unlimited drinks, unlimited games and pizza. We usually take 100-200 kids which is a very manageable number for the facility. 90% of the kids stay up all night! I love the, “5am in the morning I’ve had soda all night” look on a child…kind of half zombie, half human. Then I love, on Sunday morning, parents telling me what a great time their child had. I usually ask if they got some sleep. So many times parents have said their child went to an 8am soccer game and played all day! These kids are resilient! Especially when it comes to FUN!

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