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Time Gobblers – Part 3: The Interruption Immobilizer

The last two weeks we talked about our time Gobblers, the Programming Pac-man and the Meeting Miser. But what is a time Gobbler? They are the things that leave you feeling disappointed each week with the amount of time you actually gave to doing the things that are important to you and your ministry. Now on to our next Gobbler!

Gobbler #3 The Interruption Immobilizer

Interruptions, whether electronic or human, can keep you from getting anything done. A recent study in England showed that checking and responding to e-messages or phone calls actually hurts your IQ worse than the effects of smoking marijuana.

Here is something to remember; our modern methods of communication are great tools of efficiency, but they are just tools, nothing more. You are not a slave to these items. Don’t answer the phone every time it rings. Don’t take your cell phone or Blackberry to lunch with a volunteer you need to counsel. Don’t keep your email open if you check it every time you get a message.

If you have an office, close your door. And don’t answer every knock. It will give you the time to get things done, and it will empower your leadership to figure things out on their own. Sometimes the best training you can give your staff or volunteers is your absence.

Spend this week looking at the ways you interact with technology and how you deal with interruptions. Then take steps to keep interruptions from gobbling your time. Next week will be our final time Gobbler: The Plan-less Paralyzer.

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    Dale Hudson
    August 24, 2010 at 5:54 pm

    Great blog post Mike! Great reminder about some things I need to work on. Thanks for the insight!
    Dale Hudson

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