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Korea in a Week – Language Barrier?

When speaking to others there is always a chance for misunderstanding. I say something to you and I think you understand. You hear what I say and you think you understand. We then part ways and act on what was said/heard, only to find out that we completely misread each other. This happens all the time. So imagine what happens when you have to add a different language and cultural context on top of that.

At the C3 Kids conferences in Korea, the sessions took twice as long as normal because I was speaking through an interpreter. The interpreter would often have to stop and ask me to clarify something I said so he could find the right Korean phrase to communicate my meaning. I would often wonder if what I was saying was having any impact whatsoever.

But then I realized something: I did nothing to get to Korea. God brought this to me out of the blue. The attendance at the conferences was exponentially greater than expected by both the conference organizer and the host churches. God had something He wanted to say to the Korean people and by His grace I was the one He chose to speak through. Knowing this, I realized that not only would the interpreter make sure my words were understood, the Holy Spirit was making sure the intent was understood as well. Knowing that it is God at work through you, and not you on your own, is a very freeing feeling.


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