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Korea in a Week: Ministry is More Universal Than You Think


When I was preparing for this trip I poured over my notes, videos, and object lessons, looking at them with critical eyes. Would my Korean audience understand the context of my examples? Would humor that got big laughs in the United  States fall on confused ears in South Korea? Would my ministry concepts developed at Fellowship apply in a foreign land? Secretly, I feared my insights of ministry may have no validity to an audience with a different language and culture.

But as I was teaching the material at the conferences, I saw many of the same reactions from the Korean audience as I saw from the
American audience. Through conversations with them I realized that God was moving and they were getting it! In hindsight it shouldn’t have surprised me. The concepts I was teaching came from scripture. And, through the power of the Holy Spirit, the universal principles of God’s Word do not return void.

What a joy it was to see, through Christ, how much we have in common with ministers on the other side of the world! Always know that, when done with the right heart, God will use you and speak through you to others. The Holy Spirit has the power to communicate in ways that go beyond our understanding and abilities!

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