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The Future Of Children’s Ministry

At the end of last year I was honored to be asked to contribute to KidMin360’s Future Of Children’s Ministry series.

Some of the other authors included:

Karl BastianRick ChromeyJonathan CliffAmy DolanMatt Guevara
Tina HouserDale Hudson ~ Tony KummerSam Luce
Gina McClainMatt McKeeTodd McKeever  Larry Shallenberger
Justyn SmithGordon & Becki WestHenry Zonio

Now all of the articles are in a single PDF which is available to anyone for FREE.  But here’s the added bonus – they’ve added NEW articles (never published) in the PDF from:

Michael Chanley ~ Amy Fenton Lee ~ Roger Fields ~ Tim Shiels ~ Greg Baird

Click here to download your free PDF – The Future of Children’s Ministry or visit

Please let me know what you think about my article, as well as the others. Enjoy!

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