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Don't be a distraction.

Pay close attention to what you hear. The closer you listen, the more understanding you will be given – and you will receive even more.” Mark 4:24b (NLT)

All of us have to deal with distractions. Whether we are trying to focus on a task or even just watching a movie, someone doing something distracting is an annoyance. Imagine a movie goers frustration when someone in the theater begins talking on their mobile phone during the movie. Imagine the frustration of an office manager when productivity slips due to the distraction of construction noise outside the building. Imagine your own frustration when family members or neighbors are having a loud argument while you are trying to talk on the phone.

Now think about how God must feel when we distract others from listening to Him. God’s message is far more important then any movie blockbuster. The work we are called to do for Him has the potential to change the world. So why would we allow ourselves to be a distraction to others when they have the opportunity to hear from God at church? The answer is we shouldn’t!

Try eliminating these things when you are at church: Texting or emailing during the service, slipping in late, slipping out early, talking to the person next to you, or doing anything other than paying attention to what is going on. All of these have the potential to disrupt others.

Remember: distractions are a pain to everyone, but they are never more painful than when they result in negative eternal consequences.

Note: This is my adaptation of a teacher devotional from the Elevate Kids series “Good News“.

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