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Making a Creative Volunteer Team (Preschool Renovation part 2)

Here’s a shout out to a great group of creative volunteers who make Fellowship Church an awesome place for FCKids. Every couple of years we remodel our Preschool Building to update and re-innovate all of the spaces. Our latest job was to tackle our Preschool Rooms and the North lobby check-in area. As always it was a joy to see volunteers stream in and offer their talents. I am always amazed at the skills people have and are willing to share with the church. Take a look at some pictures I took of the creative volunteer team in action.

Here’s advice I give to people who ask how we get so many volunteers out to do creative projects like this.

First: Start Small but be Visible
1- Find a creative person, or two, who can work on a small project for you, something that will catch some attention.
2- Put on the finished project a sign that says “Done by Volunteers of “Fellowship Church” (your church name).
3- Put the project out where it can be seen by as many people as possible.
4- Have a sign up sheet beside the project that says something like: “Interested in being involved in a creative project like this? Sign up here and we’ll get you started”
5- Contact the 1 or 2 (or more) that sign up and you’ve suddenly got the workings of a team.

Second: Be Bolder and Bigger
Follow the same steps as above but use your newfound people to make an even bigger scaled project. Use it to attract even more people.

Third: Be Patient
Keep this process up and slowly, but surely, you will find a group of people that you can use to do just about anything. Just don’t expect it all to happen overnight. The team for FCKids took several years to develop and we are continuing to grow.

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