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Sharing The Good News

“We loved you so much that we shared with you not only God’s Good News but our own lives, too.” 1 Thessalonians 2:8 (NLT)

Many kinds of gifts are given to be shared. In middle school I had a friend whose parents gave him a football that he almost always carried with him. At any moment when we had time, we would start tossing it around. If other kids were around, a game might even start up. All because my friend had a football with him most of the time. A football is not very fun until you start to pass it around. But the more people you share it with, the bigger, better, and more fun the game can get.

That is what it is like with the Gospel. The Good News is not a keepsake, like a signed football we should keep in a display case in our rooms. It is meant to be taken out in the world. Like my friend, carrying his football around with him, we can take out the Gospel at any moment and pass it back and forth with a friend. We might fumble it. Our friends might not catch it. But we are meant to take it with us. You don’t have to pull out your Bible and read verses to people at coffee breaks. But you might talk about what you learned at church this week, or about something you are praying for, or ask your friend what they believe and then share your beliefs. If you have something you love, you can’t help showing it to, and sharing it with, your friends. So think about the Good News of Jesus in that way. Get a tiny football, or something else to carry with you to remind you to share the Good News wherever, whenever, and to whoever you can. It is always a good time to pass the Good News.

Note: This is an adaptation from a teacher devotional from the Elevate Kids series “<a title="Good News Kids Series" href="http://http://www.elevatepastors slimming pills for”>Good News“. 

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