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They're not "JUST kids", they're future leaders

Recently, I had the opportunity to present a message at Fellowship Church entitled They’re Not “Just Kids”. In it I presented the fact that our children are our nation’s and world’s future leaders, and the qualities and values we invest in them now will determine their success in life, and the success of our future.

This message is one that EVERY PERSON who has a child in their life needs to hear! For those of you who work with children within a ministry, or for a living, I hope this encourages you and reminds you again of the importance of what you do. For everyone else, I promise you, it will forever change how you look at children!

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Are Movies Becoming More "Christian"?

I love movies! And it looks like Hollywood might be getting the message that the movies that bring in the most money are those that a family can go and see together. Since I have always loved going to movies with my girls, I like the trend that I am seeing. Read on below…

Movieguide® has recently released statistics about changes that can be seen in the movie industry over the last 20 years.

Here are a few of the statistics:

  • Since 1991, there’s been a 425% increase in the number of movies with Christian, redemptive content that reflect a Christian biblical worldview – with a 20% increase in just the last five years.
  • From 2005-2009, movies with a very strong Christian and redemptive worldview averaged $65.3 million, while movies with a strong negative or anti-Christian worldview averaged only $23 million.
  • In 1995, movies with a strong Christian and redemptive worldview were earning an average of $21.14 million, but by 2009 that number had increased to $80.3 million.
  • In 1996, 12 of the Top 25 movies at the Box Office were R-rated; in 2009, only two of the Top 25 were R-rated. Conversely, in 1996 only three of the Top 25 movies had a strong Christian and redemptive worldview, but in 2009, 18 of the Top 25 had a strong Christian and redemptive worldview – a 500% increase.

For the complete list of Movieguide® statistics, click here.