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Harold is M.I.A!

Funny e-mail that crossed my desk the other day…

To All Who Care About Puppets (and even those of you who don’t):

Harold is missing, last resting place unknown. He is an important member of the Dirty Jacket Gang and the Allaso Ranch Jr. cast.

If you have any knowledge of his whereabouts please call his gang at (#). Picture attached – The purple one in the middle is Harold.

Please, help restore this sweet but clumsy puppet to his gang… they miss him.

Has Harold been lost? Kidnapped? Or worse yet…been sold, recycled and made into a quilt? Can the Dirty Jacket Gang make it without him? Does this signal an outbreak of crime towards all things little?

All serious questions that must be asked when you work in Children’s Ministry!!

Behind the Scenes Elevate Production Uncategorized

Behind the Scenes: Elevate Jr. Wonder & Palette Voiceover Recording

Have you ever watched an animated character and wondered what the actor attached to that voice looked like when they were recording it? Check out this video of the voice talent behind Wonder and Palette, our wonderful hosts of Elevate Jr. They’re recording some special Christmas content for Professor Playtime’s Christmas Shop Of Wonders! You’ll also see some of the early animations that go along with this voiceover.


Behind the Scenes Elevate Production Uncategorized

Professor Playtime's Christmas Shop Of Wonders: The Making of Deck the Halls

Here at Elevate HQ we are immersed in Christmas! We have Christmas decor, Christmas stories, and lots of Christmas music as we prepare for our most ambitious series yet: Professor Playtime’s Christmas Shop of Wonders! Check out this behind the scenes video of one of the Christmas songs we’re working on, Deck the Halls.

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Meet Wonder and Palette!

Have you met Wonder and Palette yet? They are the two newest characters in Elevate Jr! Wonder and Palette will be a consistent part of each new Elevate Jr. series. They bring even more fun to the Biblical teaching your preschoolers get from Elevate Jr!

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Elevate: Roanoke Jones Logo Development Process

I thought you might like to see how we create the logos you see for each Elevate series. This is the development process we went through to get the Roanoke Jones logo.

Step 1 – Different logo concepts were sketched out and we chose the one that fit best.

Step 2 – The sketch was recreated digitally.

Step 3 – More detail was added to the logo and different variations were created.

Step 4 – The best attributes of each variation were merged into the final design.

Step 5 – Texture and shading were added to the design to arrive at the final logo.

I hope you enjoyed this look at our development process. I am very excited about the Roanoke Jones Series and can’t wait for you to see the rest of it!

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Elevate Year 4 is Here!

The fourth “peak” of Elevate has arrived… and Renee Huisinga was the closest to guessing all seven themes. So close, in fact, it was almost scary! Congratulations Renee!

The seven themes are as follows: 

Dojo: Practicing The Right Moves For A Successful Christian Life

The Great Race: Learning To Never Give Up

At The Big Top: The Three-ring Circus Life Of Some Of The Bible’s Most Interesting Characters

Roanoke Jones, Ace Detective: Using The Bible To Solve Life’s Mysteries

Power Up: Learning To Control Your Character

Allaso Ranch: Getting Away And Getting To Know God

Professor Playtime’s Christmas Shop of Wonders: Come Experience The Wonders Of Christmas

These subtitles apply to Elevate; Elevate Jr. will continue to use the same basic themes to teach lessons that are age appropriate for our preschoolers.

For more Elevate Year 4, check out the fly-over of our newest peak!