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Blocking For The Team

When you’re on a team, everyone needs to work together to reach the goal. If a play is called and you’re the one carrying the ball, then everyone else on your team needs to block for you. They need to be looking out for you, seeing things you may not see, clearing pathways so that you can score.

As a staff member or a volunteer, always work for the good of the team. That’s how the team gets the ball across the goal line. If no one blocks for the guy or gal carrying the ball, more than likely he or she is going to get hit and possibly fumble. When the fumble happens everyone scrambles and the whole team usually ends up going backwards. Then, if they are lucky enough to recover the ball, the team now has to regain the yards they once had. Everyone suffers. But if great protection is given to the one carrying the ball, if paths are opened through great blocking, the ball advances and the team advances with it.

In ministry, as in any area of life, you aren’t always going to be the one “carrying the ball.” You won’t always be in charge or be in the spotlight. But just because you’re not carrying the ball, that doesn’t mean you don’t have a job to do. Put your pads on and get out into the thick of the battle. You are part of a team and as a team everyone needs to work together. Remember, when one person crosses the goal line with the ball, the whole team scores.

Children’s Ministry Uncategorized Volunteers

The Two Minute Drill

In a children’s ministry, it’s really important for all of the staff to be in their respective areas when the parents are dropping off and picking up their kids. Those two minutes are going to shape a parent’s impression of you and your children’s ministry. The parents need to know you. You need to be out there shaking their hands. If that means that you have to find someone else to do whatever you usually do during that time, find that person. You need to be out establishing relationships with mom and dad.

A huge benefit to establishing those relationships comes when you are recruiting new volunteer leaders (which is always). When a parent gets a call from the church to volunteer, they will respond more positively if the person calling is someone they have a relationship with. Instead of the husband saying to the wife “Yeah, some guy from the church called and he wants us to volunteer in the children’s area. I don’t know who he is… I told him we were too busy”, he says “Mike Johnson called from the church today. He’s enjoyed getting to know us and he thinks that we would be great volunteers in the children’s area. I told him I wanted to talk to him more about it this weekend when we see him.” See the difference?

The key is relationship. The church is not just a big corporation or organization, the church is people in relationship. When people know you, they will give more thought to what you are asking of them. And when they do, the door is wide open for you to share with them the opportunities you have available. Then, when they step over the line and start to serve, your relationship with them can grow deeper, which will keep them around longer. That’s a win all the way around.

Remember, it’s all about relationships. And relationships begin during The Two Minute Drill.