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Do It All Over Again

Happy New Year, everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted for awhile… Does anyone else have a problem with time going by too fast?

Over the holidays we have been in production of our new Elevate series “Allaso Ranch”. I am really excited about this series and I look forward to it accomplishing great things here at FC and around the world. The theme for Allaso Ranch is summer camp and each lesson is about growing closer to God.

One of the greatest things about camp is the fun that you have and the friendships that you make. Knowing this, we wanted to write a song for this series that would communicate just how great camp is and how awesome the friendships are that happen there. The song is called “Do It All Over Again” and I’m really excited about the way it turned out. Take a look…



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Children's Ministry – The Fun Factor

When it comes to teaching children, you have to capture their eyes and ears so that the Holy Spirit can capture their hearts. To do that, you need to make sure they are having fun. Fun is the currency of a child. If they think something is fun, they will want to do it. If they don’t, then they will not want to do it. It’s that simple. Just ask any kid if he or she would rather go to the doctor or Disney World. You’ll get your answer quickly. So it stands to reason that if you want a child engaged, attentive, and involved in your ministry, you need to make sure they are having fun.

I don’t believe that having fun in church means “making fun” of the Bible or the applications of the Bible to our lives. I just believe that having fun while learning is the best way to create an experience that can increase the retention of knowledge and encourage the children to return.

So, if you want to make a church experience meaningful for kids, make it fun.

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C3 Kids West Starts Today!

Hey everyone, here we are in Sunny San Diego for C3 Kids West! If you
can’t be here (sorry) then be sure to follow along on Twitter under
the tag #c3kidsWC. All our “twitterers” will give you minute by minute

If you couldn’t make C3 Kids Dallas either, make plans now to attend
C3 Kids East Coast in October. Dates and location will be announced
next week!

It’s all about volunteers…

Fellowship Church staff & volunteers enjoying San Diego before C3 West & C3 Kids Conferences

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Do You Hear What I Hear?

Details matter. It’s true. We typically don’t think about the impact of details until we forget one. But details are huge in the experience of a person. Take music for example. The right music can make or break an experience. That’s why I use music in my talks, in the children’s areas, in the skits we perform, almost anything we do in FC Kids has a musical element.

We aren’t the first people to realize the impact that sound can have on others. I first experienced the impact of being immersed in sound at Disneyland. I recently came across a blog about the focus Disney has on audio in their parks. You can check that out here.

“When the speakers fail, it feels like the life is sucked out of the place.” Mr. Q

Disney has spent untold sums of money to help their park patrons feel euphoric while at their parks. Their goal is to make you feel good during the time you spend there. Shouldn’t this be a goal for the church as well? We want people to feel good about their experience at church because the church is where life change begins. It’s where families become stronger, people become better, and kids learn to be adults who follow God their whole lives. Music can play a part in this. So, look at sound and music in your children’s areas, it’s a small detail that will yield big results.

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C3 Kids Tomorrow – You Need To Be Here!

If you can get to Grapevine, TX by 1:00 tomorrow, you need to! We are hard at work putting together the C3 Kids Conference, including the Make Our Staff Your Staff displays. These displays will show you how we do and how we use many different things in FC Kids.

Each display will have elements that you will get on a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM to use at your church. Below I'm giving you a sneak peak of a few of the displays. Remember, these are still in progress!


Mike Johnson & some of the FC Kids Staff check out a display for C3 Kids Children's Ministry Conference

 Children's Baptism

C3 Kids Conference "Make Our Staff Your Staff" light box display How to Make a Light Box


C3 Kids Conference "Make Our Staff Your Staff" preschool check-in terminal display

How to Build Preschool Check-in Terminals 

C3 Kids Conference "Make Our Staff Your Staff" children's baptism display

Children's Baptism

Cassandra finishes the First Time Guest display for C3 Kids Conference "Make Our Staff Your Staff"

First Time Visitor Program

C3 Kids Conference "Make Our Staff Your Staff" display for Father Son Retreat

Father Son Retreat

C3 Kids Conference "Make Our Staff Your Staff" Parent Child Dedication DisplayParent Child Dedication

C3 Kids Conference "Make Our Staff Your Staff" audio and costumes displays Sights & Sounds in Your Ministry and Costumes

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C3 Kids 2010 – Make FC Kids Staff Your Staff

C3 Kids is just around the corner!



At this year’s C3 Kids Conference, the focus is on volunteers. You won’t want to miss any of the sessions where we will unpack what it takes to attract, equip, and keep those who are essential to every vibrant children’s ministry.   


In addition, when you come to this year’s conference we will make FC Kids Staff your staff! We’ll do this by making available to you everything we have developed in our children’s ministry over the past year. We are going to give you our programs, designs, plans, and art to take home to use at your church!


Finally, for my blog readers, e-mail me ( and I will hook you up with a great rate!

Come and join us for C3 Kids, we would love to have the opportunity to serve you.

See you next month!

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Elevate Year 4 Map – Can You Guess It?


Development on Elevate Year 4 is well under way. The first series has been approved and is being written right now!

Above is the second rendition (but still not the final) of the Year 4 map. By looking at the above map can you guess what the 7 series are? Take a look at the last map I posted (the first rendition) because 2 of the themes were guessed correctly…hmmm, I wonder which ones? Don't forget that the prize will go to whoever can guess the 7 themes correctly first, so give it a guess!

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Three Words That Make Me Cringe

They’re… just… kids.

To hear these words sends a streak down my spine. It’s normally used as an excuse for poor performance or low quality in ministry. When people are too tired, too overwhelmed, or… dare I say… too lazy to do something great for the next generation, they say, “They’re just kids, they won’t know the difference.” Where did this idea come from anyway? If you want to make any major change in the world, you have to start with the children. They are the adults of the future. They are the difference makers, the risk takers, the dreamers who have yet to be. Why in the world would we sell short our children, the group of people most open to hearing ideas of change? In churches all over the country kids are relegated to the “basement” of ministry. This un-supported, under-funded, just-keep-them-quiet mentality could very well be the ruin of the church as we know it. If the children of the church grow up and believe that it is irrelevant, boring, and lacking in quality, then the first chance they get, they are out of here. If that happens, the church will die.

I know we cannot all do the same level of work, but we can all have the same spirit behind the work. Let us all embrace the next generation and give our best to them with the resources God has given us.

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The Two Minute Drill

In a children’s ministry, it’s really important for all of the staff to be in their respective areas when the parents are dropping off and picking up their kids. Those two minutes are going to shape a parent’s impression of you and your children’s ministry. The parents need to know you. You need to be out there shaking their hands. If that means that you have to find someone else to do whatever you usually do during that time, find that person. You need to be out establishing relationships with mom and dad.

A huge benefit to establishing those relationships comes when you are recruiting new volunteer leaders (which is always). When a parent gets a call from the church to volunteer, they will respond more positively if the person calling is someone they have a relationship with. Instead of the husband saying to the wife “Yeah, some guy from the church called and he wants us to volunteer in the children’s area. I don’t know who he is… I told him we were too busy”, he says “Mike Johnson called from the church today. He’s enjoyed getting to know us and he thinks that we would be great volunteers in the children’s area. I told him I wanted to talk to him more about it this weekend when we see him.” See the difference?

The key is relationship. The church is not just a big corporation or organization, the church is people in relationship. When people know you, they will give more thought to what you are asking of them. And when they do, the door is wide open for you to share with them the opportunities you have available. Then, when they step over the line and start to serve, your relationship with them can grow deeper, which will keep them around longer. That’s a win all the way around.

Remember, it’s all about relationships. And relationships begin during The Two Minute Drill.