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I Failed David Wakerley From Hillsong

Elevate Kid's Worship Music

Recently, David Wakerley said that I failed him. Well David, I only have one thing to say to you…you’re right, and I’m sorry.

David is the awesome Kid’s Pastor at Hillsong Church and is the creative director of Hillsong Kids. He has a blog well worth reading at For the last several months, David has been reviewing children’s music designed for Christian kids and I would highly recommend looking at his blog for the latest in such resources.

David and I have had multiple conversations over the years, the most recent being at a CPC conference in San Diego. Unfortunately, in our conversations, the children’s music that we produce here at FC Kids never came up. So, as he was scouring the Internet, he just happened to stumble across our kid’s worship music and was hurt that I had kept it from him. 🙂 Obviously, his ribbing me about not telling him about our music was done in jest, and he went on to give our children’s music a very kind review. For that I say a big thank you.

So, to make sure our children’s music is not a secret, if any of you are looking for creative kids music that can be downloaded as MP3’s and as music videos to use in your children’s ministry you can find them at In fact, we have a free music video download for Easter – to download Hosanna, enter the code EASTER at checkout before Good Friday.

And, of course, to find the best kids music in the world, be sure to check out Hillsong’s Kids Music.

Now, all I can hope is that David will forgive me.

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The Future Of Children’s Ministry

At the end of last year I was honored to be asked to contribute to KidMin360’s Future Of Children’s Ministry series.

Some of the other authors included:

Karl BastianRick ChromeyJonathan CliffAmy DolanMatt Guevara
Tina HouserDale Hudson ~ Tony KummerSam Luce
Gina McClainMatt McKeeTodd McKeever  Larry Shallenberger
Justyn SmithGordon & Becki WestHenry Zonio

Now all of the articles are in a single PDF which is available to anyone for FREE.  But here’s the added bonus – they’ve added NEW articles (never published) in the PDF from:

Michael Chanley ~ Amy Fenton Lee ~ Roger Fields ~ Tim Shiels ~ Greg Baird

Click here to download your free PDF – The Future of Children’s Ministry or visit

Please let me know what you think about my article, as well as the others. Enjoy!