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The Smell of Virtue

Poopie diapers or citrus? Why yes, smell matters!

Still think environment doesn’t matter? Well it does. It’s science!

A recent study, “The Smell of Virtue,” published in Psychological Science, concluded that a clean, citrusy smell encouraged people to be more trustworthy, more inclined to volunteer, and more likely to donate money to a charitable cause. Seriously!

Go into your children’s areas, walk around your church, and give it a good sniff. Is there anything you could do to help the people you minister to be more trustworthy and charitable?

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What does your office say about you? – Lighting

Tip #4 – Use Indirect lighting wherever you can. 

Turn off those fluorescents! Get a floor lamp, or two, or three. Stick some small indirect lighting units under your shelves. You can often go to
WalMart or Target and get cool lighting elements pretty cheap. Put them in some unusual places. Never do things as expected.

Please note however that indirect lighting and shading will sooth and calm. When you need to yell, turn the fluorescents back on.


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What does your office say about you? – Toys

Tip #3 – Don’t be afraid of toys.

I love miniatures. Especially miniatures of animated movie characters. These types of things will add whimsy to your office and make people smile. Always take advantage of the fact that you work with kids and nobody will give you a hard time about that Winnie the Pooh in the corner.

One caution however, the more knick-knacks you add to your office, the more things you will have to move when it’s time to dust. Sorry, no plan is foolproof.

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What does your office say about you? – Color

Tip #2 – Paint your walls some fun colors

Nothing yells “I’m Creative!” like bright primary colored walls, especially if you paint each wall a different color. OK, it may not convince others of your creativity, but it will make you look like you’re fun!

Try accenting those walls with some black and white art pieces. Black and white pictures and objects against bright colors look really “cartoony” and cheerful.

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What does your office say about you? – Clutter

Tip #1 – Hide your “to do” pile in a drawer or a closet. I always have a pile of things that I either need to look at, throw away, or file. I try not to leave that pile on my desk. Keep your work space orderly and clean.

Try an experiment. Clutter your desk up with a bunch of stuff (include water bottles, crumpled pieces of paper containing not so brilliant ideas and candy bar wrappers…come on admit it we all like candy!). Now, step back into the doorway and take a look. Not too good, huh? Now, go and clean it all up. Don’t leave anything on your desk (yes guys, you must dust…AND use a wet rag on that soda spill!). Go back and look again. Ahhhh, nice huh?

Now do that to the rest of your office! It won’t just look better; it will make you feel better too!

Closed cabinet in Mike Johnson's office at Fellowship Church.  Open cabinet in Mike Johnson's office at Fellowship Church.


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What does your office say about you?

Ever walk into a cluttered office where stuff is strewn all over the desk and even spilling onto the floor? What is the first thought that comes to your mind about the person whose office it is? I’ll bet it’s not a positive one!


When people walk into your office they form an opinion of you before you can even open your mouth. They make assumptions about your work ethic, orderliness, creativity and most importantly your desire for excellence.


Each day over this coming week I will share some simple things that will whip your office into shape. Stay tuned!