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Best Winches for Jeeps 2021

Jeeps are designed for intense offroading, but it can be easy to get yourself into some tricky situations if you’re not careful. If you don’t already have a winch for your Jeep or are seriously in need of an upgrade, we’re here to help.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Smittybilt GEN 2 XRC Winch | 9,500 Pound Load Capacity
  • Your purchase includes One Smittybilt GEN2 XRC Winch, 97495 model with 9,500 lbs. load capacity
  • Winch dimensions: 22.3” L x 5.4” W x 9.4” H | Product Weight: 78 lbs. | Weight capacity: 9,500 lbs. | Cable type – 93.5” diameter,...
  • Completely Waterproof, state-of-the-art 500AMP Solenoid
  • Kit comes complete with all wiring required for installation. Smittybilt recommends using supplied wiring
Bestseller No. 2
ZESUPER 9500 lb. Load Capacity Electric Winch Kit,Waterproof IP67 Electric Winch with Hawse Fairlead, with...
  • Your purchase includes a ZESUPER 9,500 pound winch. Special designed for atv, utv, car, boat, trucks, jeeps, modified vehicles and multi...
  • Heavy-duty sealed contactor, state of the art 500 amp relay. High efficiency - 3.3 ft/min with full load and 10.5 ft/min without load. 10.5...
  • Total dimensions :(length x width x height)22.3 x 5.4 x 9.4(in inches). Installation bolt type: 10.0 "x 4.50", the retaining bolt pattern:...
  • Fast line speed, high sensitivity of remote control. Waterproof and sandproof, unique brake design, excellent control.
Bestseller No. 3
Rough Country 9,500 LB PRO Series Electric Winch | 100 FT Steel Rope | Fairlead | Clevis Hook | 12 FT Remote |...
  • 9500 LB. Pro Series Electric Winch | Steel Cable
  • Motor: Powerful 5.5HP , Gear Ratio 265:1 , 3 Stage Planetary with Sliding Ring Gear Clutch and Auto In Drum Braking
  • Includes Wired Remote Control, Clevis Hook, 4 Way Roller Fairlead, and 5/16 in x 100 ft steel cable
  • Water and Dust Proof Rated IP67
Bestseller No. 4
ZEAK 12000lb. Electric Truck Winch Synthetic Rope, Waterproof Off Road, for Truck SUV, with Wirless Remote
  • The zeak electric towing Winch with an impressive 12000lbs of pulling power and fast line speed under load, is a compact sized winch to help...
  • [HASSLE FREE] a durable 3/8''x86' synthetic rope, heavy duty sealed high amperage contactor, dynamic braking system, 6 HP DC motor make our...
  • The 3-stage planetarygear train convert the motor power into more powerful tension with line speed of 4.6 feet per minute full load and 16...
  • Please read the instruction carefully. Winch can cause short circuits and heat or smoke if wiring is wrong. We suggest you can find a...
SaleBestseller No. 5
X-BULL 12V Synthetic Rope Winch-13000 lb. Load Capacity
  • Waterproof IP67 rating and state-of-the-art 500AMP solenoid valve.Equipped with the latest generation of wireless remote for all the latest...
  • Standard working winch, one synthetic wire, 13000 LBS capacity;Ideal for two-door jeeps and light suvs for daily pull.Suitable for all kinds...
  • Please confirm the fit of mounting plate before purchase: outline size :(length X width X height) 20.8"X 6.5" X 10.24", mounting bolt type...
  • Heavy duty sealed contactor with positive load control for power input and output.Powerful motor and three-stage planetary gear system...
Bestseller No. 6
ORCISH IP67 Waterproof 12V Steel Cable Electric Truck Winch 13000 lb.Load Capacity
  • Waterproof IP67 rating
  • Come with a overload protector ,a winch cove,one pair of gloves
  • Heavy Duty Sealed Contactor
  • 26metres steel cable + 1pair of Gloves
Bestseller No. 7
Smittybilt X2O COMP - Waterproof Synthetic Rope Winch - 10,000 lb. Load Capacity
  • Your purchase includes: Smittybilt X20 Comp Synthetic Rope Winch, hawse fairlead with forged hook, All required power cables to hook up to...
  • Winch can be operated with the remote or manually
  • Technical Specification: 6.6 HP Amphibious motor, 3-Stage Planetary Gear System, Stainless Steel Hardware, Dynamic Braking System, 2...
  • Lifetime Mechanical Warranty, 5 Year Electrical Warranty
Bestseller No. 8
STEGODON New 13000 lb. Load Capacity Electric Winch T2,12V Synthetic Rope Electric Winch with Hawse...
  • Overall Dimensions:(L×W×H)21.3"×6.5"×10.2", Mounting Bolt Pattern:10.00±0.015" × 4.50±0.010".Synthetic rope: 3/8’’x...
  • Waterproof and sandproof, State-of-the-art 500AMP Solenoid,Heavy-duty sealed contactor.High efficiency - 25.2 feet per minute when empty, 7...
  • High-efficiency 3-stage planetary steel gear provides stronger pulling power of 6.4HP series electric motor.Gear system with free spooling...
  • Wireless remote control : Fast circuit speed and High sensitivity.Unique clutch brake system, excellent control.Special designed for car,...
Bestseller No. 9
Full Width Front Bumper Compatible with 07-18 Jeep Wrangler JK and JK Unlimited Rock Crawler With Fog Lights...
  • 【Maximum Protection】If you are not going with aftermarket flat fenders, the tree would be very easy to remove your flares. The...
  • 【OEM Fog Lights Housing】The full-width bumpers with built-in Fog Lights Housing that you can install your OEM Fog Lights directly, no...
  • 【Shackle Mount and D-rings】Two solid D-ring shackle mounts are welded into the front bumper from the inside and outside for increased...
  • 【Corrosion Resistance Finish】Two stage finish using E-Coat pre-coating and high-grade textured black powder coating for long lasting...
SaleBestseller No. 10
WARN 103252 VR EVO 10 Electric 12V DC Winch with Steel Cable Wire Rope: 3/8" Diameter x 90' Length, 5 Ton...
  • Standard duty winch with a steel cable and an 10, 000 lb. capacity; Ideal for 1/2-ton pickup trucks, jeeps, and larger SUVs
  • Powerful series-wound motor and planetary gear train deliver faster line speed under load, with lower amp draw
  • High-performance Albright contactor delivers maximum reliability; Control packs can be relocated for low-profile installations
  • Features IP68-rated waterproof construction, two-in-one remote with wired and wireless options, and one-piece cast-aluminum tie-plate

Whether you’re a casual offroader or you want to push your Jeep to the limit, a winch is going to come in handy. If your Jeep is damaged or stuck, a winch is an ideal tool to help. There are tons of options out there – so many that it can definitely become overwhelming deciding which one is right for you.

In our comprehensive guide, we’ll show you the benefits of using a winch, what you should look for (including weight capacity, power source, and mounting options), as well as the various types of winches that are available.

As you start searching for your Jeep winch, the first thing you should consider is the overall weight of your Jeep. Winches are rated at different pull capacities, and you don’t want to end up buying a winch that can’t even pull your Jeep on a flat surface. 

It’s always best to overestimate your needs. You never know what kind of situation you may end up in while offroading and it’s always best to play it safe. To get started, we recommend doubling the standard weight of your Jeep to get a baseline for the minimum pull strength you’ll need.

Most winches will easily pull twice the weight of most Jeeps, but it’s even better to get a pull strength that’s more. You’d be surprised at how much pull force is needed to get unstuck in some offroading situations, so it’s always good to overestimate your needs.

What Is a Jeep Winch Used For?

There are tons of situations where you may need to use a winch when you’re offroading. The most common reason to use a winch is for pulling extremely heavy objects. If you get your jeep stuck in the mud, water, or other tough terrains, a winch can pull your Jeep out without damaging it. Without a winch, you wouldn’t have many options for getting your Jeep unstuck.

You can also use a winch for loading and unloading a large object onto another vehicle. The winch allows you to slowly load and unload using controlled speed and power.

Winches are dedicated tools to help you get out of tough situations. While you may be able to use another vehicle to help you out, that vehicle may end up getting stuck or damaged. A winch is designed to provide you with maximum leverage and power to help you get out of virtually any situation.

A major benefit of using a winch over another vehicle is the fact that winches are incredibly portable. Rather than having to navigate another vehicle closer to your Jeep to get it unstuck, you can simply move the winch closer to the object it needs to attach to, making it a versatile, reliable tool that every offroader should have.

Finally, you want to reduce as much damage as possible when getting your Jeep out of a difficult situation – a winch does just that. Instead of tethering another vehicle to your own to attempt to tow it out, the winch provides tons of power while minimizing and even eliminating damage to your vehicle or someone else’s.

What To Look For In a Jeep Winch

It’s important to pick the right winch for your Jeep and your level of offroading, which means understanding what to look for when choosing your Jeep winch. Even if you choose the right weight, you may end up choosing the wrong mount, which can cause issues when it comes time to use it.

While price is definitely an important consideration, it shouldn’t be the sole factor for your decision making. Saving $200 on a winch now may end up hurting later when you can’t get your Jeep out of a muddy divot. Spending a little extra on a high-quality winch that can pull more weight is well worth it in the long run.

You should also consider pull capacity, power source, and mount options before making your purchase.

Pull Capacity

Pull capacity is the most important factor when purchasing your Jeep winch. We already discussed why pull capacity is so important, but it’s vital that you understand what weight the winch is rated to and what that means for your Jeep.

A winch rated for 6,000 pounds of pull weight isn’t going to be a good option for a 4,500 pound Jeep but may be an attractive choice because of its price. Remember, always look for a winch that’s rated for at least twice the weight of your Jeep. Twice the weight of your Jeep should be adequate for getting your Jeep out of everyday tough spots, but we recommend going well above twice your Jeep’s weight just to be safe.

If you choose a winch that isn’t rated for the job you need done, you can damage your Jeep, what you’re pulling, and even yourself and those around you. It’s not always easy to tell how much pull force is needed to get your Jeep out of a tough jam, so it’s always better to get a higher-rated winch than you think is necessary.

Power Source

There are two primary power sources of winches, which we will discuss in more detail below. However, it’s important to consider the power source for your next winch and whether or not you want an electric winch or a hydraulic winch.

While an electric winch can be used while the vehicle is off, you need to make sure that you have a battery that can handle the additional power draw. Hydraulic winches typically offer more power but require the vehicle to be on, which can be problematic if your vehicle is damaged and you need to winch it to a safer spot.

To help you decide which type of power you need for your next winch, think about how often you’ll be offroading, where you’ll be offroading, and if there is a chance for your vehicle to become completely disabled.

Mount Options

Where you want your winch mounted is another crucial consideration before you make your next purchase. You can either have your winch permanently mounted to your Jeep or you can have one that is not mounted so you can take it with you when needed. With a permanent mount, you’re going to get a lot more power and leverage out of the winch. A permanent mount is a great option for frequent offroaders that need increased pull power.

However, a permanent mount isn’t as versatile as a portable winch, meaning you can’t bring the winch closer to the object you need to move without moving the Jeep itself. This can be a problem if you’re not facing a stationary object to attach the winch to when you’re stuck.

A detached winch gives you options for mounting and attaching your winch, however, they’re typically much smaller and aren’t as powerful. Mobility can be very useful, so it’s important to understand your overall offroading habits to determine which mount option is right for you.

Additional Considerations 

While pull capacity, power source, and mount options are the most important considerations for choosing your Jeep winch, there are other features that you may want to consider as well. It’s important to stay safe when using a winch, so it may be a good idea to look for a winch with a remote control to operate the winch at a safe distance.

We also recommend winches with synthetic rope cabling. There are plenty of high-quality winches that use steel cabling, but a synthetic rope gives you better control without sacrificing power. If you need the highest pull power possible, you may want to consider steel cables.

Types of Winches Available

As we mentioned, there are two types of winches available; electric and hydraulic. An electric winch is typically less expensive than a hydraulic winch and can be used without the Jeep running. If your Jeep is damaged to the point of not being able to turn on, an electric winch can draw power directly from your Jeep’s battery to run.

However, your winch is limited by the capacity and power of the battery, and it may not run as long as a hydraulic winch. Make sure your battery can take on the extra power draw from the winch before you make your purchase. Electric winches are also less powerful than hydraulic winches overall.

For heavy-duty pull power, you may need a hydraulic winch. Rather than directly connecting to your Jeep’s battery, a hydraulic winch connects to your power steering. You’ll notice significantly more power with a hydraulic winch and it will often run longer than an electric winch. A hydraulic winch is designed for maximum pulling capacity.

However, a hydraulic winch requires your Jeep to be running, which can be problematic if your Jeep is damaged while offroading. Additionally, hydraulic winches are typically more expensive than electric winches, but if a hydraulic winch will give you the pulling capacity that you need, it’s definitely worth the cost difference.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there’s a lot that goes into picking the right winch for your Jeep. From pull capacity to mounting and everything in between, choosing the right winch can make all the difference for your next offroading adventure! 

Remember, check the weight rating for the winch, think about what mounting works best for your needs, and weigh the differences between a hydraulic winch and an electric winch. Saving money now may seem like the right option, but if saving money means missing out on key features, it can cost you a lot in the long run!